Kamis, November 23, 2017

Maya Activities

From a heart full of love and affection Dr. Maya Rumantir carried out activities touching every person she visits. She comes bringing not only gifts, but a beautiful message: "You can have the whole word, but without love it means nothing". With her beautiful voice and tender smile she entertained the orphans in Calcutta, where she met and prayed with Mother Teressa, entertained the orphans in Tondano, North Sulawesi, distributing gifts to "becak" (trishaw)drivers in Makassar, South Sulawesi, entertained the people of Papua, visited homes in Maluku, entertain the orphans in Jepara, Central Java, Orphan in Aceh, Earthquake Victim in Biak-Papua, and relocated Community in Merauke-Papua.

National Torch of Peace and Friendship

A violent fight for independence would seriously threaten human security. In the longer term, people's lives may remain vulnerable and under the threat of poverty in newly created and disorganied small states. Most people would chooese to live within a united Indonesia, as they feel "Indonesian", are primarily concerned with living secure lives in which they are able to feed their families, and are extremely wary of further violence.

To light and pass on the Torch of Love, Friendship and Peace throughtout thewhole nation so that rhe people may understand and internalize a concept of nationalism that builds soliddarity a d national integrity for the future with God's blessings. With a long hand Dr Maya Rumantir visited, served and embraced the marginalized, the victimized, and those physically and spiritually paralyzed.

Peace and Security Mission

"Unity in diversity lead healthy relationship of all kinds"

"Diversity without unity leads to chaos diversity without unity also leads to problem without Unity we sink into anarchy"

Shining Indonesia-Shining the world save the Future Generation.
It is important that the Indonesian people-not only the elite, and not outsiders-participate in decisions on how the Indonesian entity is to be defined in the future. ➤

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